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Our company which installation process starting in the later 2003 in organized industry in Adıyaman; finished this process in the later 2006 and taken licence of production site in 11/04/2007; had built the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions, first and single company.


In Our Manufacturing Site which all production steps from production of raw materials to final product are occurred and however keeping housing of our scorpions, snakes and horses; Chemist, Veterinary Surgeon, Pharmacist, Biologist and technical many personnel with in domestic / foreign many consultant teacher work.

As of now, all of the registration procedures of Acsera Antivenom Product had finished and released.

On top of Acsera Antivenom Product as follow products;

  • Snake Antiserum
  • Crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever
  • Rabies Antserum

We are planning production of those products.

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