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Horse is preferred in immunization process because horses has ease of maintenance, an effective immune system and submit more plasma. In this process, British and Arabian race horses which full blooded, both sexes, 3-12 age are used and they isolated from other animals and taken quarantine at least 1 week before immunization process.

Before immunization process; glanders, equine infection Anemia (EIA), Equine viral Arteitis (EVA) tests are performed by Etlik Central Vetarinary Central Research Instute for detection of any viral disease. Horses have not any viral illness are included to immunization programme.

Determined LD50 dose of venom is injected by subcutaneous as indicated immunization programme. After immunization duration, potency test is performed for check the immune status of horses. From horses with approved titer, plasma is collected by plasmapheresis device and stored for purification

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