Macrovipera Lebetina Vetal Sera

Location Provinces: Adiyaman, Adana, Gaziantep, Kilis, Sanliurfa, Mardin, Diyarbakir and Kars


General Characteristics: The color of the back is generally grayish brown and shades of that color. This species have compound and dark spots (sometime indefinite) in back. In near of these (in medians of back), there are spots which sides are dark color; inner part is brick red or yellow color. In upper of head, may be small black spots. Head of tail is yellowish. Black spots are been in abdominal region resultant whitish or pinks as point.

This species are feed with small rodents as mice, lizards, birds, snakes and various invertebrates in generally. It is useful because feed with animals and hunted in early morning hours or nightly. It is died poisoning before eat. Movements of these animals are very slow and rested daytime. In generally, ovoviviparity (as 5-7) but lay eggs (4-7) in some regions. The egg is opened within one mouth. The length may be as 150 cm.

Habitat: This specie lives in plains, stony places, desolated houses, ruins, gardens and farms and may be in places of to 1500 meter.

Distribution in Turkey: East and Southeastern, East Mediterranean Region.

Note: This snake is the longest, thickest and the best venomous which living in Turkey. It is attacked to people only for dear life. Its poisonous may be very dangerous for people. Also it is under the threat of extinction.


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