Vipera Ammodytes Vetal Sera

Location Provinces: Adapazarı, Bolu, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli and Edirne


General Characteristics: “Horned” so named because tip of nose is small as rhino horn and thought up. The color of the back region is generally gray, yellow and brown. There are dark brown and zigzag patterns as diamond patterned. Median of spots is more clearly as sides. Tip of tail is yellowish – pink colored in young. There are small and definite spots in upper of head.

The abdominal region is yellowish – white and there are small black points on

This species are feed with small rodents, birds, other snake species and lizards in generally. It is eaten poisoning the rodents – birds and rousingly the other animals. It is useful because feed with rodents. Moves are very slowly. Hibernated from September – October to March – April. Copulated females in spring are breed as 5-14 babies in August.

The length may be as 50-60 cm (the longest is 90 cm).

Habitat: “Ammos” is mean “sand” and “dytes” is mean “penetrating” in Greek. Species name of this animal is called “ammodytes” because this animal is preferred sandy region as living places. This specie lives in sandy places, below of small length plant, forest, scrubby and stony places in Turkey and may be in places of to 2000 meter.

Distribution in Turkey: Thrace, West, Northeast, East and Southeast Anatolia Region.

Note: The poison is very effective fort o be dangerous for people. In first bite is leaved a large part of poison. While come up against to people, firstly it makes an attempt to escape. If pressure, it is hissed by a show of head and if feeling very dangerous for they, may be attacked. There are three sub species as V. a. montandoni Boulenger 1904, V. a. meridionalis Boulenger 1904, V. a. transcacasica Boulenger 1904.


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