Vipera Kaznakovi Vetal Sera

Location Provinces: Artvin


General Characteristics: The color of the back is generally gray, yellow and red colors. There is zigzagging line which covered very part of back and extended from head to tail. This line may be sometimes as fragmentally. The near of the body is small spotty or pointy. Color of abdominal white colored is black and its tones. This species are feed with small rodents as mice, lizards and various invertebrates in generally. It is useful because feed with animals. The length may be as 50-60 cm.

Habitat: It is lived stone region of forest places. It is liked places with higher humidity and may be in places of to 2000 meter.

Distribution in Turkey: This species is lived only around Hopa (Artvin) in our country.

Note: The venom gland is big because back of head is very baggy and for this reason poison may be very dangerous. In first bite, very large part of poison is leaved. Also it is under the threat of extinction.


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